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Our approach to teaching is a magical, sacred process of transformative learning and remembering. Our holistic method is based on realizing, embracing and expressing your whole self by activating your full potential through this Mystery School. By doing this you position yourself to thrive in any aspect of life. We can help you identify and live your passion in life, find and generate untapped energy and Joy, Abundance, Love and Freedom!
So, let yourself realize that you are a God here on earth to be all that you are here to be and let's begin!
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A message from our Founder

Are you ready to receive all that you are?

When The Divine brought this prayer of a Mystery School into my awareness, I knew right away it was a big prayer to humanity.

This school is an answered prayer for humanity and you are an answered prayer for humanity.

Let us support you by activating your full potential so you may embody the prayers and prophecies that you are here to BE

We love you

You are an answered prayer to humanity

Embody your sovereign divinity

Our approach

SOMA activates you to embody all that you are

1. Receive healings, activations & transmissions

All of our Mystery School offerings include either healings, activations, and/or transmissions that open your awareness up to the magic within you and around you.

2. Immerse yourself in a unconditional love filled community

Joining The Magical Soul School of Divine Arts means joining our community filled with no judgement, unconditional love and divine support for you to expand into your full potential

3. Have the tools in your divine toolbox to always be set up for success in your journey

Our offerings are filled with divine tools that you can always have in your divine toolbox.  This allows you to always be set up for success in your journey whatever that looks like to you!

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Our Offerings

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