two part Webinar Series

Wings of Light

 Where science meets magic! Meet the elements of our bodies as we remember our sacred lineages
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2012-2014 was a huge awakening process for me...

From a head injury, to travelling around Africa, to losing my best friend, to finding my soulmate It was a lot All while navigating (wait for it...)

High school *people gasp at my age*

But during these times of another collective reawakening and cosmic shift, I am coming back to my roots

Science and magic - those are my roots

You could say I drifted far left and then far right, trying to find the answers within each paradigm

But then I realized that’s exactly what it was... a paradigm

And as we know, we are here to break the cycles, patterns and models that work to hold us in them

So I said fuck it to all paradigms and realized it wasn’t about the left or right, it was about the unified state of our divinity

*cue the elements!!!*

I was so tired of the online space and spiritual communities that I went back to my education to “take a break”

Lo and behold, it was actually not taking a break and instead was completely a part of the prophecy I am here to be!

I went back to my education, rediscovered quantum kinesiology, remembered Chinese Medicine and worked on acupressure

While I was doing all of that, it hit me!


So my magical ass was right all along!

And my science nerd was right all along!

And so, here we are

This webinar is the first taste into a very tasteful integrated and unified approach to healing, activation and embodying your sovereign divinity

I birthed this two part webinar series to re-introduce the kinesiology and magic of the elements and elementals

It seems so fitting to hold it during the equinox when everything is so magical with the realms opening up for transit!
Wings of Light: Equinox Webinar Series

What's included?

You will receive:
  • webinar class on September 22nd
  • webinar class on October 31st
  • replays to both classes
  • an elemental diagram
  • Alexandra’s process for clearing through the elements
Wings of Light: Equinox Webinar Series

Topics Covered

We will be covering:
  • the elementals, who are they, what are they and how they play a huge role in our sacred lineages
  • the elements, what are the elements, why are they so important and getting to know the medicine they hold and how it relates to our bodies (mental, emotional, energetic, physical, spiritual, and karmic)
  • and much more magic throughout it all!
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Who is Facilitating?

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra is a Quantum Kinesiologist by trade and a very magical person by heart.  Her ability to see throughout the magical realms and combine science with magic is like no other.  

Alexandra will always take you on a magical journey through your inner realms, where you will rediscover the elements, your blueprint and your sacred lineage.

Specializing in Dragon, Fae, acupressure, kinesiology and Chinese Medicine, you will be sure to have a well balanced experience!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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