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Walking With Dragons

Enter this 9-day free exploration through the first
9 foundational Dragon Scrolls.  Every day we will dive into the teachings of each scroll, explore each scroll with an inner journey & discuss how we can integrate the wisdom in everyday life along with supportive Q&A and class discussion.

What's included?

  • Remember 9 essential Dragons Scrolls in our journey
  • 9 powerful transmissions & activations 
  • Connect deeply to the magical realms within you & embody your organic blueprint once again 
  • Receive tools to assist you in your journey

Activate The Dragon Scrolls within you

Dragons are the key to understanding our Divine lineages, gifts and abilities.  Before there was anything, there were Dragons! These scrolls were made for you to remember who you truly are

Come on this magical journey!

Alexandra embodies the Dragon & will connect you so deeply to these hidden parts of yourself.  It's time to remember how special, magical and Divine you truly are!
Meet the facilitator

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith, known as The Dragon Oracle, is a world renowned oracle who embodies the sacred teachings, frequencies and transmissions from The Dragons Scrolls.  She rediscovered these Scrolls in 2017 and has been expanding, integrating and sharing the wisdom founded in God's Word through these scrolls.

With her charisma, and pure heart she ignites your DNA into its highest organic potential for you to step into and embody your full potential once again.

With extensive knowledge and background in Kinesiology, TCM & quantum physics Alexandra combines energy with the physical body to create fast and steady results during your journey on this mystery school we call Earth.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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