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The Dragon Scrolls

The Dragons Scrolls are the map of our original blueprints encoded within our DNA. A sacred structure that allows us to remember and re-embody who were are here to BE. A true journey of deliverance back to your original organic crystalline blueprint that God created in the image of Them.

PLEASE NOTE: this course was recorded live in 2021 & is now offered at discount until Alexandra returns from Maternity Leave where she will be holding it again live.
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8 Scrolls

8 Activations

Community Support

The Dragon Scrolls

My Letter To You

I pray you found The Dragon Scrolls exactly when you needed to, just like I did.

The Dragon Scrolls have been foundational lineage teachings passed along our cellular DNA for millennia and millennia since the beginning of Creation.

The Dragon Scrolls are pillars. They are architecture that lay within our very own bones.

For centuries, the Scrolls were disembodied and almost completely forgotten, but with our trust in God, we can remember how immaculate our bodies truly are; that is, by remembering the Dragon Scrolls.

Throughout this journey, you will be able to receive powerful teachings, journeys and remembrance around the eight foundational Dragon Scrolls.

It is with a whole heart that I write this letter to you during the gestation of my firstborn.

I bring this offering back to the world while I navigate motherhood.  

It felt so fitting to re-deliver these teachings back into the world from a time when I also needed them the most.

Each Scroll will be a pillar of prosperity for your body to remember the deepest, most profound parts of yourself.

You will see yourself, your body & your Prophecy with fresh ancient eyes, ready to walk a mighty and foretold path.

With my love,

What's included?

  • 8 Scrolls
  • 28 videos filled with ancient wisdom
  • 8 Activations
  • Community Support

A Dragon Scroll per Month

We go step by step through The Dragon Scrolls.  Each month we activate a Dragon Scroll and upgrade our lives with the sacred teachings held within each scroll.  It's grounded transformation

1:1 plus a group setting

You will receive the best of both worlds regarding transformation! Within this space, you will get a monthly private session (8 in total) as well as bi-weekly group calls! Perfect sacred formula for igniting your full potential
Meet the instructor

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith, known as The Dragon Oracle, is a world renowned oracle who activates the sacred teachings of your DNA within you. With her charisma, and pure heart she ignites your DNA into it’s highest potential for you to step into and embody your full potential once again. With extensive knowledge and background in Kinesiology, Alexandra combines energy with the physical body to create fast and steady results during your journey on this sacred school we call Earth.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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