Live Class on february 22nd 2024!

Come walk a special journey back to Prophecy...

Prophecy is something we cannot run from.  We are called by God to walk a specific path prayed over us by Father and Mother God.

So let's walk in wisdom, confidence and trust that God can never fail us.

Clarity is the medicine for your year ahead

It's time to trust in yourself, that you can be successful in anything you are called to journey through

& it's time to trust in God, that no matter how deep, dark or scary life can seem, God never let's you out of Sight

You are held

You are special.  Why? Because no one has walked the same path as you. Ever.

Join Alexandra in a 1.5 hour journey into your Prophecy 

We will pray, listen, journey & devote ourselves to Prophecy that has been bestow upon you from God

You never have to walk alone <3
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1.5 hour class

may you give yourself time to see, feel & know

Held in the Highest Sovereignty & Love

may you discover how much God loves you

Live class with lifetime replay

may you revisit in times of need

Prayer with Inner Journey held for everyone

may you see you are never alone in your journey

What's included?

  • 1.5 hour class
  • Inner Journey into your Prophecy for a 12 month span
  • Devotion to God & yourself
  • Q&A and support with anything that may come up for you in class

You Will Walk the Next 12 Months in Trust

Time is unpredictable, so even when we are walking through life and things twist and turn, you can stand in it knowing God is holding you through it all

You Will See With Clarity God's Prophecy for You

Prophecy is God's prayer for you.  It isn't something unattainable to witness.  With quietness, focus, prayer & being held, you can witness your Prophecy and gain greater insight to your Journey ahead.
Meet the Facilitators

Alexandra Blair Smith

Hi my beloveds,

My name is Alexandra Smith and I have Story to share.

I was gifted with the most beautiful miracle of all time, my Son.

He was born into this world through Lightening and Prayer and he passed back into Christ's arms 6.5 months after his birth into this world.

My world fell apart and fell open all at once

His ask of me after he passed? To uphold his Legacy, share his story & share the wisdom God bestowed upon us throughout Time

And so I shall.  With every breath; just like my Son does.

I am the Rememberer of Dragon Medicine - a 9 Scroll sacred text that has been lost for thousands of years

I share my teachings through transmission, story & inner journeys where you get to discover the quantum landscapes of your body! (it's very exciting!)

My prayer for you is that you may walk through life with complete trust in God.  Through every storm and every valley, you can trust God and your body to deliver you through Prophecy time and time again.

Thank you. I love you,
Alexandra Blair Smith

Patrick Jones - Course author
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