Wolf Tier

Medicine Maker is a 3-tiered membership space where you can choose the amount of support you desire on your journey.
A crystal clear space held by Autumn & Alexandra, you will sure to be taken on a journey into your true sovereignty, navigation & leadership.

What is Included?

Full Access to our video library

Our library is updated each month with new classes, calls & medicine for you to explore

Remember Your Sovereign Birthrights

Our library has a vast range of wisdom, information, teachings, inner landscape journeys, embodiment practices, powerful prayer work & healing to help assist you through walking a profound path here on Earth.

Navigation, Leadership & Legacy

We see you as the legacy of your lineage.  Carrying on that torch that may have been forgotten for generations.  Yet, here you are, picking it up, dusting it off & carrying it with your heart, groin & womb.

Your leadership, legacy and how you navigate on Earth is a deep prayer God has for you.  We created this membership with that prayer in our hearts.

Access to our discussion board where you can post questions, comments & share

Interaction & community is deeply important to us.  That is why we have created a space for you to safely express, share & ask questions as you go

A sovereign & loving community to connect with & be a part of

Autumn & Alexandra have prayed and worked hard to create a community where everyone can be honoured, seen, heard & respected


You have the freedom to navigate these waters as you are guided.  Our membership simply brings a profound level of support to give you back the remembrance of the tools you have wielded before


A $33/month tier where you receive full access to our library of recorded classes, masterclasses & live calls. You will have access to our discussion board, connect with other members if you wish & be a part of a strong and clear community.

Autumn Rose

Woman of Womb, Storyteller, Medicine Maker

Alexandra Smith

Oracle, Medicine Woman & Inner Landscape Master