Specifically curated for humanity.

A sacred drip of medicine each month where we hold 2 live classes that include deep dives into oracular transmissions, guided inner journeys, quantum teachings & much more.

Alongside the live classes (with replays), you receive the extensive video library that is filled with storytelling, inner journeys, quantum kinesiology teachings & more drops of wisdom

Our prayer is to make medicinal spaces accessible in the sky maps (online) and the earth maps (in community)

Here in Medicine Maker, you get to see yourself through the lens of God once again with the passionate love Alexandra & Autumn hold for humanity
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Upcoming Live Masterclasses

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Saturday, June 10th
10am - 11:30am PST

Join us in this deep dive into the quantum world of scalar technology + the remembrance of frequency medicine

+ learn the mechanics of electromagnetism + how this impacts every now moment

+ the medicine available to us now to protect us from emfs, chemtrails + frequency weapons

+ the power of structuring our water

+ why this remembrance is on the rise + what it brings to the building of New Earth Now

This masterclass will be taught by Light + Steven of Eternal Light Technology

You can connect deeper with them on IG + @moonasmagica

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Sunday, June 25th
12pm - 1:30pm PST

Join us in this exploration into our role in correcting personal + collective timelines

+ how our consciousness plays with and navigates infinite timelines

+ timeline hopping and how to recognize these shifts

+ the profound effect our personal healing has on the past and future

+ predicting the future

+ karma

This masterclass will be taught by Serena Gee

You can connect deeper with her on IG @heyserenagee

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$55 / Month


Be The Navigator of Your Own Ship

Private, Sacred Space

Each tier is only available to those in it, creating a very powerful and sacred space to grow with your community and be held while moving through life

Updated monthly, monthly live classes & private group calls

You will always be given new wisdom, classes & support each month.

Navigation, Prophecy, Medicine

These are some of the pillars we stand by.  Providing you with the medicine needed for you to walk and navigate through your Prophecy Path individually and within your lineage's legacy.

The victories of our sisters & brothers

Working with Autumn and Alexandra has been nothing short of L i f e C h a n g i n g. Prior to embarking on my first journey with them as the guides, I had no idea what I was doing or even how to simply pray. When joining Sovereign, I thought at the least I would learn how to pray. It turned out to be so much more than that. I found other humans who saw the world for all of its magic. These humans provided such a warming, accepting space full of compassion that I never once questioned if it was for me; it was where I needed to be
I emerged out of Sovereign with just that, my budding sovereignty. I had new eyes and new skills and most of all a new confidence that never left. Autumn and Alexandra set you up for success every step of the way. The containers and workshops are well thought out and in my opinion there are so many "safety nets" via a group chat, weekly meetings and access to others who are doing the work with you, that it is hard to feel alone or to fail.

The gifts they have given me from Sovereign left me with such confidence and hunger for more, I have also chosen to embark with them on their Earth Walker offering. One month into that and it just reinforces everything for me and in me for who I want to be. I know that any offering these two give will be absolutely transformational and so full of wisdom. Thank you, Alexandra and Autumn for truly helping my change the trajectory of my life and helping me to learn how to find my true path.
- Kc
I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the space you held in Sovereign. I am so humbled by the power of you stepping courageously into your Divine Service. It's inspired me greatly and it's one of the biggest gifts I have taken from being in Sovereign with you. Your courage, your power, your Truth, your beauty and love have shined through so hard Sister.
Sovereign brought so many of us medicine, medicine that will reverberate through us and out further into the world for generations to come. You have touched more than 50 of us and my ancestors are rejoicing in you. I am moved to tears as I write this. Tears of purification. Of fully seeing and feeling the shifts that have been made in my life and that of my nearest and dearest from being in yours and Alexandra's energy for the last 7 weeks. Honestly your energy is so potent, it has deeply touched me.
You gave me the gift of re-membering how to be Sovereign in my energy, and reinstating all my warrior tools, which I realised I was using but unconsciously and without full intention. Your guidance allowed me to bring this part of me fully online. Allowed me to bring the full force of my power to my clearing, shielding and prayer. My frequency has shifted immeasurably and for that you will both always hold a special place in my Soul's journey.
Your selfless and beautiful gift of the healing prayer that you sent for me and Jesse when he was in hospital touched my heart beyond words. You changed what it meant for me to be a holder of space. Your integrity and love is so deep and True. When I am of service to others, I have often given in this way, but felt as though I let my boundaries down and was doing something "wrong" by being so open hearted because of all of the toxic voices reverberating in the online space around mentors and guides having strong boundaries and in effect just treating those they are in service to as dollar signs. You've healed that within me. Thank you.
Anyway, I could honestly speak on this for hours, but I Trust you feel the transmission of energy from my heart to yours. There are some things that we just can't put into words.
Thank you Sister. I love you.
- Maria
Sovereign has forever changed my life. If you are looking to connect with like minded individuals who lead from the heart this container is it. I found Autumn and Alexandra by a miracle and never have looked back.

You will face yourself like never before. If you are looking for an inner standing of yourself and the world around you this is a huge step into your sovereignty. They cultivate a space where you feel seen, heard, and loved. No matter where you are at in your journey in life there are nuggets of wisdom these ladies provide. The best part they help teach you to help and teach yourself. They helped me to go inward, face my fears, remember who I am and why I am here. They have given me hope, love, community, and strength to carry on with my own prophecy path. I found them during a time of my life that I felt drained, hopeless, and lost. They taught me that I am not alone, that I have tools and gifts in this life to get me through.

They see the beauty in others and will inspire you to share your beauty in your own life and with the world. The tools you will remember while working with them and learn will stay with you for the rest of your life and possible ripple affect for generations to come. They truly are medicine women who care deeply, embody their work, and sovereign is by far one of the best investments I have ever made for myself. It was so profound for me I could write a novel about how life changing it was for me and my life. They helped me move through trauma, self hate, worry, anxiety, depression, and so much more. Your power and God are always within you and they will help you to realize this and to remember. Remember how powerful you are, remember how exquisitely beautiful and worthy you are, and take time to nurture you soul by joining sovereign.
- Lauren

Frequently asked questions

Once I sign up, is there a contractual commitment now I need to follow?

Absolutely not! We do not believe in contracts that hold you into a space or person.  There are no contracts once you sign up.  You are welcome to leave at any time and re-join at anytime. You and your body know what is needed.  This space is a sovereign one, where everyone is upheld to the highest honour, protection & respect.

What is your payment policy?

Due to the nature of our offerings, we do not offer refunds.  However, you are free to leave the space when you are ready to.

How does the billing cycle work?

For each tier of Medicine Maker, you get billed on the day you register.  This billing reoccurs each month on the day you register, until you decide to leave the space

What can I expect out of the space for content, classes & support wise?

This is a BIG question! It is challenging to meet everyone's expectations, but we will share this:

Our classes are filled with the maps that humanity is needing at this time.  Each month there will be new classes & medicine to play in, bringing back the wisdom that is already within you. Autumn & Alexandra each have such profound and unique medicine they share, it is always a deep exploration into the most magical, complex, simple and earthly spaces.

For support, the Jaguar and Dragon tiers are your best options.  Jaguar provides the live classes that you can attend & ask questions on the call with us as well as share what you're moving through.  Dragon takes that up a notch, and we devote a private 2-hour call each month for the people within this tier.  This is where we can explore what you are personally moving through, what is coming up for us as a 'pack' or to simply be seen and held in an intimate and expansive space.
Meet the facilitators

Autumn Rose

Hi Beauty Soul,
I am a Mother, Storyteller + Women's Embodiment Guide here to walk you back into pleasure, power + prophecy. My medicine is Fierce Love. 
I will walk with you into the primal darkness that lives within your womb, where your hips desire to undulate from.
I'm here to remind you of the sacred sound of your own unique rawr + how to fully embody your truth, your potency + your wisdom gifts.
I want you to feel how the legacy of your lineage flows within you, guiding you along the golden thread of devotion + dreaming.
I want to shake + quake + dance this earth wide open with my radiant sisters + brothers of earth, blood + bone
Your ancestors are smiling, your descendants are watching with wide eyes…
My love, will you choose to live your life
as a legacy?
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Meet the facilitators

Alexandra Smith

It is my honour to help you navigate your Prophecy upon this Earth with the clear sight, hearing & knowing of the Dragon.
For years I have combined & shared the teachings of Kinesiology, Quantum Physics & TCM as foundational aspects to assist us in this life on Earth
My medicine is our bodies and the vast landscapes they hold.
The power that moves through our bones, blood & wombs/groins are sovereign & hold the keys you need to heal, walk your Path & create a heavenly life based on your needs and desires.
I want you to know how important you are. You are walking a path that no other has attempted in thousands of years. You are completing what your lineage has prayed for, cried over & fought for.
It is you who will deliver yourself, your family & your lineage back on the Path that God created for you
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