Science, holistic nutrition, remineralization, magical realms, the Superhuman race - we cover it all in here
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What's included?

  • 2 hour live event
  • 3 master speakers in their field of work
  • Live Q&A
  • Lifetime access replay

Re-embody Your SUPERHUMAN

You will remember how to re-embody and re-activate your superhuman abilities once again through re-mineralization, working with the magical realms, manifesting from the heart, and opening yourself to sovereignty

3 Master Speakers in their Field

You will be able to ask questions, receive powerful insight with these 4 master speakers who have an abundance of wisdom for you to receive!
Meet the instructors

Ally Smith

Ally Smith, known as The Dragon Oracle, is a world renowned oracle who channels the sacred teachings, frequencies and transmissions from The Dragons of Light. With her charisma, and pure heart she ignites your DNA into it’s highest potential for you to step into and embody your full potential once again. With extensive knowledge and background in Kinesiology, Ally combines energy with the physical body to create fast and steady results during your journey on this mystery school we call Earth.
Ally Smith - Oracular Activist for The Magical Realms

Kaleigh Mason

Kaleigh is a RHN with 17+ years of experience.  She has dedicated her life to healing others.  The solutions are simple, they just need to be shared!

"Minerals conduct the electricity in the body which make the light. Learn how to reactivate your superpowers by increasing the voltage in your cells and flooding your body with light!"
Kaleigh Mason - Holistic Nutritionist

Emma Lewin

Emma is a Master Dreamweaver and Intuitive Artist with years of experience in manifesting from her heart and creating Heaven on Earth.  She activates you to embody your ability to do the same.

Emma will be sharing how to get out of your mind and manifest from your heart. Learn how to reactivate your superhuman ability to manifest with ease from your heart allowing you to expand into your Ultimate Dimension and have your dreams flow to you.
Emma Lewin - Master Dreamweaver