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Get certified in Dragon Medicine
A 3-month training to heal & activate with the power of Dragons and be infinitely abundance and supported while doing it!
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Dragon Resonance Healing...

What's included?

  • Course: Dancing With Dragons
  • Course: Walking With Dragons
  • 1 month of weekly private sessions with Ally
  • 2 months of weekly semi-private sessions to practice
  • Registered Certification as a Dragon Resonance Healing Practitioner

Become a Dragon Resonance Healing Practitioner

Dragon Resonance Healing is a powerful modality that will have you embodying your I AM presence as well as have you embody a deeper service to humanity with the gifts and abilities you will be remembering

Be A Way-Shower 

This modality is taking the world by a dragon storm! With under 100 practitioners so far, you will be seen as a powerful leader and way-shower to the Dragon Lineage on Earth
The Dragon Born lineage is rising up once again on Earth and we will be the first Dragon Resonance Healing Practitioners to show the world who they are ready to BE!
Ally Smith
Founder of Dragon Resonance Heal

The modality you were born to remember

Course overview
  • 7 Trainings
  • Telegram Chat Support
  • Over 25 hours of content
  • Dragon Resonance Healing Textbook
Course overview
Become Certified in Dragon Resonance Healing which is a modality that Ally Smith channelled from The Dragons of Light

We have come here to remember our sovereign divinity as well as activate humanity with their remembering as well

This is what Dragon Resonance Healing does

It heals us at the DNA level so we can fully open, remember and receive all of our Divine birthrights once again
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Certification included

What will I learn in Dragon Resonance Healing?

How to speak Light Language

Light Language is one of the most sacred practices we can remember.  Learn how to speak Light Language once again.  More specifically, how to intentionally speak Light Language for the benefit of humanity

Light Language is the foundation for this modality.

No experience needed.

How to do Light Coding

Light Coding is the ability to harness the energy of Light Language through our body.  More specifically, our hands.

This is the energy that can move mountains, splits seas and miraculously heal, activate and transcend you and your client's reality

How to build etheric temples

Etheric Temples can be used for endless intentions! They are etheric spaces held by the Dragons and Ascended Masters to birth the intention of the Temple into your reality. 

They are powerful and not to be taken lightly in the results they bring for you

Temple examples:

Abundance Temples, Healing Temples, Activation Temples, Light Temples, Money Temples, Love Temples, etc.

How to Activate the Dragon Light Body

The Dragon Light Body is the DNA encoded light body that connects us with our immaculate sovereignty.  It can act as a protector, a healer, an activator, a confidence booster, a mirror, a vessel, etc.

The Dragon Light Body also heals, aligns and upgrades our Chakra system to hold a higher light quotient and therefore bring in more truth, freedom, light and abundance into your life
Don't hesitate

Remember your Divinity & Birthrights.  You were born for this.

meet the facilitator

Ally Smith

Ally Smith, known as The Dragon Oracle, is a world renowned oracle who channels the sacred teachings, frequencies and transmissions from The Dragons of Light. With her charisma, and pure heart she ignites your DNA into it’s highest potential for you to step into and embody your full potential once again. With extensive knowledge and background in Kinesiology, Ally combines energy with the physical body to create fast and steady results during your journey on this mystery school we call Earth.
Ally Smith - Course author
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