9 week foundational and intermediate oracular training.  Occuring November 11th - January 27th 
Online and go at your own pace and time to suit your schedule!
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The Oracle is someone who can commune with the elements, read them and see the prophecies being spoken within our own DNA and throughout all of Creation, including the elements, our loved ones around us and everything in between.

Everything and everyone has a purpose and a prophecy. It is our duty as an Oracle to see/hear/sense these prophecies and help humanity fulfill their divine nature God/Creation intended

The 9 weeks look like this:

Week 1: deciphering your own keys 
- getting rid of energetic baggage, contracts, stories and cleaning up life
- fire ceremony 
- journeying with Phoenix medicine 
- grounding and centering into our Highest Embodiment

Week 2: The Earth’s Kingdoms
- animal medicine
- the True Earth
- introduction to the Elements

Week 3: The Inner Kingdoms
- body journey
- meridians, keeping meridians healthy and clear
- taking care of our body

Week 4: Fire
- communing with Fire
- the knowledge of fire 
- protection, purification & creation codes

Week 5: Water
- communing with water
- activating our and other’s cellular remembrance 
- sacred bathing 
- connecting to water around Earth

Week 6: Earth
- clearing & reading the prophecies of  song lines/ley lines on Earth
- communing with Earth
- different layers of Earth & understanding what Earth is telling you

Week 7: Air/Wind
- heading prophecies through the wind 
- air messengers of animal medicine
- clearing atmospheres from poisoning and negative coding 
- activating air frequencies to help humanity 

Week 8 & 9: Prophecies
- discovering your prophecy & prophecies around you for practice 
- discovering your oracular signature 
- group call Q&A

Throughout the 9 weeks, there will be a group chat for community support, questions and assistance 

Each week with have multiple pre-recorded easy to follow videos, along with community chat support and our big call at the end! 

You will leave this space strong, empowered and remember your oracular activism!

The energy exchange is $333 USD for the journey 

We have a payment plan of $111 USD for 3 months 

As well, we can create a customized payment plan of you need. Please email us at [email protected] for this option

So much love and I look forward to going on this journey with you if you feel the call!
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Meet the Facilitator 

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra is a Quantum Kinesiologist by trade and a very magical person by heart.  Her ability to see throughout the magical realms and combine science with magic is like no other.  Alexandra will always take you on a magical journey through your inner realms, where you will rediscover the elements, your blueprint and your sacred lineage.Specializing in Dragon, Fae, acupressure, kinesiology and Chinese Medicine, you will be sure to have a well balanced experience!
Patrick Jones - Course author