Dancing with Dragons

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  • Author
    Ally Smith 
  • Hours of Content
    33 hours
  • 1-on-1 Sessions
    2 sessions

What's included?

  • 33 Divine Classes
  • A Sacred Textbook {coming soon}
  • 10 hours of bonus content
  • 2 one-on-one sessions with Ally

Activate Your Full Potential

This course awakens all of your DNA so you can embody all that you are once again through Dragon Light Language, Dragon Resonance Healing & channelled transmissions

Remember Your Divine Lineage

Throughout this journey, especially during the 2 private sessions with Ally, you will remember your Divinity and your Divine lineage as well as remember what it is like to feel supported in all that you are

Why should I take this course?

This is the only course out there that dives into your Divine Lineage through the powerful teachings of the Dragons.  Not to mention, 2 private sessions with Ally alone is worth the investment of this divine journey into your Divinity
Look, I am not here to sell you this Divine Journey.

But I am here to share the immaculate journey Dragons brings into our lives

Before there was anything, Sophia God created Dragons, for the sacred geometry of their Dragon Light Bodies was able to instantly create Heaven on Earth

The time has come again for us to transition into The New Golden Age of Miracles, and the Dragons have come to help

Throughout this journey, you WILL remember your Divinity and all of the support and assistance the Dragons have for you NOW

Meet the instructor

Ally Smith

Ally Smith, known as The Dragon Oracle, is a world renowned oracle who channels the sacred teachings, frequencies and transmissions from The Dragons of Light. With her charisma, and pure heart she ignites your DNA into it’s highest potential for you to step into and embody your full potential once again.
Ally Smith - Course author
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