Chapter 1 releases in...

The Way of The Dragon is rising once again...

They took our dragons away, but they will never take the dragon that lives within us⁣
They hunted dragons for centuries, seeing the power it gave humans⁣ - disgusted by our sacred communions with these glorious creatures
Dividing us, conquering us, and breeding us to forget of our sacred lineage of dragons⁣
They can make movies about killing dragons, and tell stories of the destruction dragons brings, but our hearts know what is true⁣
Dragons protect. Dragons activate our full potential. Dragons show us the power within us⁣. 
So, I come to you today, and tell you just because the dragons are not visible in this physical realm right now does not mean you don’t have the power to take down these vile clans
It is time we lead together, take back our power together, and remember together ⁣
This is the Way of The Dragon.⁣
Come on a 13-month journey with me to remember The Way of Dragon⁣
🐉 Meet your personal dragon & dragon twin flame⁣

🐉 Remember the creation of your soul, prophecy and destiny through the unlimited lens of the dragon⁣

🐉 Activate your Dragon Light Body & Wings of Light ⁣

🐉 Receive initiations and activations written in English and Light Language⁣
This book will change your life⁣ and how humanity sees itself as individuals and as a collective along with our sacred relationship to the Dragons
Receive it now before the public receives it in 2022⁣
What you receive if you choose this journey now:⁣

🐉 13 group calls⁣

🐉 13 chapters⁣

🐉 A preface & afterword⁣

🐉 2 signed copies of the book sent to you when published in 2022⁣

🐉 Receive a chapter each month, followed by the group call⁣s

🐉 13 activations, deep dives in the group calls

🐉 email support throughout the whole journey 
The time is now⁣
Chapter 1 is released on March 14th⁣
The Preface is already available to you now along with the deep dive and introductory activation⁣
I trust you to carry The Way of The Dragon. The link is in the first comment below⁣
I love you,⁣
Alexandra Smith

The Dragons of Christos: Sacred Text Prophecy

  • Author:
     Alexandra Smith
  • 13 Chapters
  • Activate The Way of The Dragon within you once again
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Book Overview
The Dragons of Christos are here to be the first book of many that will reveal The Way of The Dragon within you.

With many initiations, activations and Light Languages blessings, you will go on a 13 chapter journey into the infinite ways of the dragons

The time is now to remember all that you are.
  • 13 group calls
  • Signed copy of book upon publishing

What's included?

  • Be the first to read the 13 chapters
  • Hop on a monthly call to discuss & deep dive into each chapter
  • Receive the direct revelations as they come to Alexandra
  • Receive a signed copy of the book when it is published

Remember how to be a beacon of light

The Dragons of Christos is a sacred dragon tribe that are known for being beacons of light during Golden Ages on planets.  We just entered The New Golden Age and we are ready as a collective to lead humanity into this Heaven on Earth reality. Receive their direct revelations and become a beacon of light as you embody the leader, messiah, healer you always were & always are.

See this prophecy from the beginning to the end

You will be in the journey with Alexandra as she fulfills this prophecy from beginning to end.  Deep dive with her into each chapter during the group calls, ask questions & be able to mentor with her and The Dragons of Christos throughout this journey

Frequently asked questions

When will the book be published?

We are self-publishing the book and are aiming to be finished January 2022

What is the point of accessing the material/book early?

We want to give you a real VIP experience into the journey of communicating directly with such a high vibrational dragon tribe.  It's an honour to be in a space such as this.  Plus, the group calls will be where the magic occurs! Ally will be going deep into the chapters, activating the words & bringing out your highest potential

When can I join?

You can join anytime leading up to the final chapter being posted.  The earlier, the better! Joining closer to the beginning will allow you to join the group calls live and bring any questions you may have for Ally and The Dragons of Christos.
meet the author

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith, known as The Dragon Oracle, is a world renowned oracle who channels the sacred teachings, frequencies and transmissions from The Dragons of Light. With her charisma, and pure heart she ignites your DNA into it’s highest potential for you to step into and embody your full potential once again. With extensive knowledge and background in Kinesiology, Alexandra combines energy with the physical body to create fast and steady results during your journey on this mystery school we call Earth.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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