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30 Days of Miracles

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skill you need to become a real professional. Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals. Boost your confidence, master the field.

30 Days of Healing


April 15th to May 15th

Miraculous Healing Protocol

Prayer & Daily Tasks and Journal Prompts

Holistic Nutriton

This is the start of a new beginning for you

does 30 days seem like too much?

You can experience daily healing and prayer for 7 Days or 14 Days instead!

Email us now at [email protected]gold to get set up!

What Do You Get For These 30 Days?

  • Email support
  • Daily healing & prayer for an hour
  • Daily homework/journal prompts (we promise it’s very small tasks that allow for a better life in a very big and good way)
  • Foot soak recipes, ritual bathing recipes, altar building tips, clearing techniques to stay clear, integration techniques, dream pillow recipes, making Holy Water
  • Daily insights on how to live a healthy, free and Holy life
  • Access to all of the healings, homework and other elements of the journey of the whole 30 days until June 30th (you can rewatch and receive as many times as desired until June 30th 2021)

What Do We Do?

  • We meet every day at a designated time at 3 pm EST/12 pm PST as well as replay recording available to all healing for the 30 days from April 15th to May 15th, 2021
  • Alexandra will be leading with a pray upon the start of each session
  • Then both Kimberly and Alexandra will perform the healings
  • Kimberly & Alexandra do their protocol, everything that is included in their protocol is listed below

The Miraculous Healing Protocol:

This protocol has been developed by Kimberly and Alexandra after years of training, healing and perfecting this protocol for miraculous results

  • Brain and nervous system clear
Digestion system clear
  • Circulatory system clear
  • Respiratory system clear
  • Arthritis clear (if applicable to you)
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Skin, surgery and scar clearing (if applicable to you)
  • Wounds, trauma, weaknesses throughout the body clearing
  • Eyes, ears, nose & throat clear
  • Major gland & organ clears
  • Liver and Kidney clear
  • Thyroid & thymus gland clear
  • Chakra System clear
  • 6 Bodies (mental, emotional, energetic, physical, spiritual, karmic)
  • 12 of the hearts biggest releases
  • Aura & energy field clearings​
  • Clearing all that doesn’t serve you (cords, energetic debris, obstacles, etc.)
  • Clearing addictions to suffering (e.g. substance addictions, addictions to chaos, addictions to mental illness, addictions to general ailments/injuries, addictions to codependency, etc.)
  • Clearing negative entities, energies, fractals, manipulations, transmissional frequencies, anything that is not for your highest good
  • Bank account clearing
  • Home clearing
kind words by Clients

Our community loves the results they receive!

My healing sessions with Kimberly have been nothing but incredible! I have done 5 sessions with her so far, and my life is seeing the results! I have been able to be more confident within myself.  I find myself a lot more calm in all situations.  Kimberly helped me release trauma I have from my paternal lineage.  I cannot thank her enough! My business, relationship and overall well-being has increased exponentially.  Thank you Kimberly! I cannot wait to book with you again!
A. S.
Working with Alexandra has been one of the most magical, transformational processes of my life.  i have transformed and blossomed in so many miraculous ways since!  I have gained such a deeper understanding of who I am and what my purpose on this planet is, connected with opportunities beyond my wildest dreams, started a soul aligned business which is already thriving and transcended through so much that has held me back in the past from stepping into in full potential!

Alexandra is so easy to talk to and has created space for me so beautifully and made me feel so comfortable, loved and supported!  I truly find it hard to put into human words how incredible I think she is and how much I have enjoyed our time together.  I couldn't recommend working with her more!!
N. L.
Our team

Meet our team

Alexandra Smith
Oracle | Author | Guide | Founder of Dragon Resonance Healing
Alexandra Smith, known as The Dragon Oracle, is a world renowned oracle who teaches and shares the sacred teachings, frequencies and transmissions from the holy Dragons. With her charisma, and pure heart she ignites your DNA into it’s highest potential for you to step into and embody your full potential once again. With extensive knowledge and background in Kinesiology, Alexandra combines energy with the physical body to create fast and steady results during your journey on this mystery school we call Earth.
Kimberly Newman
Miracle Creator | Healer | Land, Home & Business Doula
Kimberly, mother of The Dragon Oracle, is a powerful healer who has lived many lives performing miraculous healings.  Within this lifetime, she has been performing healings and miracles for over 50 years.  Kimberly has trained with Merlin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus among many others who have walked this Earth performing their own miracles.  Her specialty is her unique and original healing protocol she has mastered and developed over her lifetime.
Kaleigh Mason
Holistic Nutritionist
Kaleigh Mason is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She works to make a person whole again, to return them to their original selves, like a factory reset. Kaleigh teaches people how to rebuild their souls by correcting their mineral deficiencies and increasing their water and electrolytes. She reactivates the gods, goddesses, superheroes, queens and healers of our society, who had previously been deactivated into slave zombie mode through biological, chemical and psychological warfare. Kaleigh uses the proven medical science called Body Typing started by Dr.Bieler and completed by Dr.Abravanel. This works to get people on the proper fuel for their body type. ​Finally, Kaleigh uses natal charts and Chaldean numerology to program the mind with the positive attributes of your God-designed programming. Kaleigh sets people on their mission, so they can feel the rush of ultimate fulfillment and meaning. ​Reactivate your light, rediscover your superpowers and experience victory on your journey.